Attendance Policy Change

Beginning 10/1, we will use a two step process for Attendance. 
Step 1: Prior to an absence, Parent or Student must submit an online notification via Google Forms. http://goo.gl/forms/VGd8yDagckRhheXY2
Step 2: A parent must send an email to chapbandattendance@gmail.com in order for the absence to be considered ‘excused’. The email must include the date and cause of the absence. Please note that this email is a request for an excused absence. Each email will be evaluated and then answered by the band staff notifying you of the status of the request.
Absences for Performances (Games, Concerts, Contests):
These are primary events for the band program and comprise a large part of each grading period. The band follows the same guidelines as stated in the WHS Student handbook to determine if an absence is excused or unexcused.
Absences for Tutorials:
The band staff realizes there are times a student may need to attend tutorials during the morning or afternoon rehearsal. We will accept missing a portion of one rehearsal per week for this purpose. If a student feels more is needed, they should confer with a director prior to attending a second tutorial. All students attending tutorials must return with a note/email from the teacher stating the following:
-Student Name
-Tutorial Subject
-Tutorial time frame
Absences for Make-Up Tests:
WHS has a Testing Center for make-up tests. Make-ups should be during your lunch or class time. Please do not volunteer your rehearsal time for these make-ups. If a teacher insists that you take a make-up during a rehearsal, please let a band director know immediately.
Unexcused Absences/Multiple Excused Absences:
Unexcused absences or multiple excused absences will result in loss of performance privileges.