Playoff Game Info and Expectations

Information and Expectations for Football Playoff Games:

* There can be up to 6 playoff games. The Championship Game is on Saturday at the end of Finals Week  in December. As long as the team keeps winning, we keep advancing.
* Game date, time and site are determined on the Saturday or Sunday after winning a playoff game and prior to the next game.
* Yes, there is a game during Thanksgiving Holidays.
* Yes, the Chap Band will attend every playoff game.
* Typically, we have many conflicts during this time. Because of the nature of our playoff game performances, we are able to be more lenient on absences during the playoff period.
* Absences due to a conflict with other WHS activities will be handled on an individual basis. Communication is the key here, but typically the other school event will take precedence over our playoff performance.
* Absences due to family activities are usually excused if this is a special event or previous travel arrangements have been made.
* Thanksgiving weekend: we expect each student to be with the band if they are within 150 miles of the game site or Westlake HS.
* First weekend in December: this is a busy weekend for us as we may have a playoff game, we will have over 120 kids participate in Region Band Auditions, and we will host these auditions at WHS! This is a time we need everyone to participate!
* EVE and FRONT ENSEMBLE are not expected to go to playoff games. If a student in one of these groups wants to go to the game, they must notify Mr. Taylor by noon on Tuesday the week of that game.

Each week becomes a logistical problem as we work out a schedule, buses and meals. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that a parent notifies ChapBandAttendance@gmail.com of an intended absence/request for approval by noon on Tuesday prior to the game in question.