Marching Band 2016The Chaparral Marching Band is one of the most visible organization on campus, boasting an annual membership of 250+ students!  All brass, woodwind, percussion, and Elite Visual Ensemble (EVE) students make up the band. Students receive both Fine Arts and P.E. credits for their participation.
Summer band camps take place for Percussion, EVE, and all freshmen during the first week of summer.  All Chaparral Band members are expected to attend the pre-season camp in August. Absence from these important camps may jeopardizes placement in varsity band.
For more specific information regarding the Elite Visual Ensemble and percussion, please visit their individual pages.
Certain instruments are provided for marching band use for a rental fee.  These instruments include piccolos, mellophones, sousaphones, euphoniums, bass clarinets, tenor saxophones, baritone saxophones, drum line, and front ensemble.

Every student enrolled in band, percussion, and guard (EVE) is part of the Chap Band.  These students perform at all football games, pep rallies, and other selected events. For the fall marching season, the Chap Band is divided into two groups, the Varsity Band and the Junior Varsity Band:
Varsity Band
The Varsity Band will focus on the competitive aspect of marching band. Students who are selected to this group are held to the highest standards of musicianship, attendance, attitude, athleticism, and eligibility.  Varsity Band members compete at UIL, Bands of America (BOA), and other marching festivals. In addition to performances, varsity band members are expected to rehearse 7 to 8 hours per week outside of the school day between August and November.
Junior Varsity Band
Junior Varsity (JV) Band members are full members of the Chap Band and participate during football games, pep rallies, and other selected events. Though some students may elect to be in this group, the majority of the students in the Junior Varsity band are still developing musically and/or physically.  Because they are not involved in marching band competition, their time commitment during the competitive marching season (August to November) is significantly less than the Varsity Band. JV Band members are expected to rehearse 2-3 hours outside of the school day in addition to their required performances.

Audition Information:

Drum Majors
Auditions for drum majors are done in May.
Auditions for wind players’ placement in the Varsity Band/Junior Varsity Band are held in early August and will be based on an assessment of both playing and marching skills.
Woodwinds – piccolo, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone
*Double reed players are expected to coordinate with the band staff to select a secondary instrument.
Brass – trumpet, mellophone (horn), trombone, baritone, sousaphone (tuba)
*All Chap Band French horn players will play mellophone
*The number of trombone positions will be determined by the band directors.  Trombonists who are not selected to play trombone, will play the baritone.  Trombone positions will be awarded based on the May playing audition.
Auditions for percussion players occur in April/May.
Battery – marching snare drum, marching tenors, marching bass drum
-All battery members are part of the Varsity Band
Front Ensemble – non-marching percussion instruments and electronics
-All front ensemble members are part of the Varsity Band
(Note: Any percussionists not assigned to the battery or front ensemble will be a part of the Junior Varsity percussion section.)
Elite Visual Ensemble –  The Elite Visual Ensemble is the advanced visual unit in the Chap Band.  It is a high energy sport that combines dance (including ballet, jazz and modern styles), gymnastics, theater, and equipment manipulation (including flags, rifles, sabres, and other props).  Generally, all EVE members are enrolled in 1st period Color Guard.
-All EVE members are part of the Varsity Band.
Dance Ensemble – In the fall, this group is a section of the Elite Visual Ensemble.  These students are primarily selected by directors from the Chap Band wind section who demonstrate the talent, coordination, and movement skills that are required to perform with the varsity band.  (They will not perform on a musical instrument in the competition show.  They WILL perform on a musical instrument in the stands)
-All Dance Ensemble members are part of the Varsity Band.